Downloadable Publications

Throughout the year, a number of informative publications are available for your use. If you have Adobe Acrobat, you can view and print the publications at home or at the office. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, click here.

"Living Well in Indiana - A guide for older Hoosiers"

This guide contains information on state and federal assistance programs for senior citizens, as well as tax deduction information, identity theft protection and other helpful information.




"Benefits for Veterans"

This guide contains information on state and federal programs available for our veterans, along with additional information pertaining to legacy and honor.

"Your Guide to Indiana History"

This booklet is a great resource for students learning about our state's history from our beginning of our state to current famous Hoosiers.

"Kid's Guide to Indiana State Government"

This booklet, designed for students, is filled with fun facts about Indiana and the state legislature.

"A Guide through Indiana's State Agencies"

This booklet gives an overview of Indiana's state agencies and includes contact information.

"What's Next: A Guide for Indiana Higher Education"

This booklet includes information for students planning for their future after high school. Students will have access to information on SAT/ACT preparations and scholarships. The guide also contains contact information for Indiana’s post-secondary institutions and resources for vocational schools, proprietary schools and the armed forces.

"Color Your Way through Indiana Government"

A children's coloring book about state government, including how a bill becomes a law. Ideal for younger students ages three through seven.
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