Meet David Frizzell


Majority Whip

Indiana House of Representatives:  1992-Present

House District 93:  The southern portion of Perry Township in Marion County and a portion of White River Township in Johnson County along with a section of Indianapolis


  • Family, Children and Human Affairs
  • Public Health
  • Utilities and Energy


  • 317-232-9981 (Statehouse)
  • 317-882-2146 (In district)

Education:  B.A., Loyola College

Occupation:  Director of External Affairs for Magnolia Health Systems

Representative Dave Frizzell has been active in politics throughout his adult life.  He became a state legislator in 1992 and is currently the Majority Whip for the Indiana House of Representatives.  Outside the Statehouse, Rep. Frizzell is the Director of External Affairs for Magnolia Health Systems.  Both Rep. Frizzell's professional and community experiences have contributed to his successes here at the Statehouse.

Some of his professional experiences include serving as the president of the Third Millennium Foundation Inc., a foundation striving to improve the quality of life of area senior citizens.  He also served for a short time as a Major Gifts officer for the Riley's Children Foundation where he supervised the development of $50,000 in donations for use by Riley Children's Hospital and Camp Riley for Kids.

Prior to this, he served for two years as the Executive Director of the Greater Indianapolis Advisory Council for Indiana Wesleyan University.  From 1985-2001, Rep. Frizzell as the president of the Greater Indianapolis Republican Finance Committee (GIRFCO), overseeing the development of more than $5 million in donations for use by the Marion County Republican Party.  Rep. Frizzell also worked with the American Cancer Society and as the Executive Director of the Indiana End State Renal Disease Network.

In addition to years of political involvement as a volunteer for individual campaigns and as both Precinct Committeeman and Vice Chair Ward, Rep. Frizzell also served on the Boards of the National Kidney Foundation, and the Alzheimer's Association-Central Indiana Chapter.

In 2005, Rep. Frizzell was selected as an at-large delegate to the 2005 White House Conference on Aging (WHCoA) in Washington DC. As a delegate to the first WHCoA of the 21st Century, Rep. Frizzell was part of a distinguished assembly that began in 1961 with the first WHCoA.  He and other delegates helped guide the President and Congress as they developed national aging policies for the United States for the next 10 years and beyond.

Since his election to the Indiana House, Rep. Frizzell has served in numerous leadership positions for the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). From 1998 to 2006, Rep. Frizzell served as chairman of the Health and Human Services Task Force, where he led a public-private partnership to promote free-market health policy among the nation's legislatures.  Rep. Frizzell was recently named the National Chairman of ALEC.

Rep. Frizzell was born in Baltimore, Maryland and settled in Indiana in 1978.  He married life-long Hoosier Valda VanNess in 1980, and started his family in 1982.  He moved to District 93 in 1995 and he and his wife currently reside in Perry Township.

Community Activities:

  • Parents, Educators and Professional Business, Inc.
  • Indiana Opera Theatre, Inc.
  • New Hope Church

Awards and Achievements

  • Concerned for Women of America-The Indiana Family Service Award-1996
  • Indiana Health Care Association-Outstanding Service Award-1996
  • Indiana Roentgen Society:  Indiana Chapter-Hoosier Patient Advocate Award-1996
  • Indiana Life Coalition-Appreciation Award for Partial Birth Abortion Ban-1997
  • American Physical Therapist Association-Public National Service Award-2005
  • Indiana Speech Language and Hearing-Certificate of Commendation for meritorious service in support of programs to aid the communicatively handicapped-2005



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