Information Maintained by the Office of Code Revision Indiana Legislative Services Agency
    SEC. 1. That the sheriff of the said county of St. Clair, as assessor for said county, being furnished with an abstract of the lands in said county, by the auditor of the territory, which he is hereby required to do, on or before the twentieth day of September, next, and having taken such oath as is required by law of an assessor, shall immediately proceed and make the assessment, as required by the act entitled "An act supplemental to the act entitled an act, for levying and collecting a tax on land, and for other purposes," and the act to which the said act is a supplement, and return the same to the auditor by the fifteenth of November next, ensuing, the same having been examined and corrected by the court of Common Pleas of the said county of St. Clair; for which purpose, and for hearing complaints of improper assessments, the said court is hereby authorised and required, to hold a session at the court house of said county on the last Monday in October next; upon the receipt of which list, the auditor shall immediately make out and transmit to the said sheriff, the abstract as required by law, to enable him to proceed with the said collection, who shall thereupon proceed to collect the same by personal application or notice in writing, or by sale of the lands so taxed, by giving thirty days previous notice, by advertising at the court house door of the proper county, and by the first day of February ensuing, shall and do pay the same to the territorial treasurer agreeably to law.

    SEC. 2. That the sheriff of the said county of Knox, shall in like manner, upon being furnished with the abstract by the auditor, which he is hereby directed immediately to furnish him with, to proceed to the collection of the tax in the said county in the same manner, and pay the same over to the treasurer by the said first day of February.