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    SEC. 1. That all persons who now are, or hereafter may become members of the philomathean society in the Wabash college in the county of Montgomery in pursuance of the constitution thereof as now established or as it may hereafter be altered and amended, shall be and hereby are constituted a body corporate and politic in law by the name aforesaid for the cultivation of literature, science, and the arts and for no other purpose whatever, and by that name [shall have perpetual] succession and be capable of suing and being sued, pleading and being impleaded in all courts and places and in all manner of causes, actions and complaints whatsoever, and may have a common seal and change the same at their pleasure, and by that name and style shall be capable of taking and holding by gift or purchase any books, apparatus or other collection for the cultivation of literature, science and the arts.

    SEC. 2. That the concerns and the funds of said society shall be managed in conformity with the provisions of the constitution of said society as now established or as hereafter altered or amended.

    SEC. 3. The said philomathean society by that, name and style shall be capable of holding, receiving, purchasing and enjoying any goods, chattles or personal estate that may be necessary for carrying into effect the objects of their association and the same at their pleasure to alien and sell, and also to adopt, establish and carry into effect such by-laws and regulations as may be necessary for the management of the society and the same at pleasure to alter or annul, Provided, they be not inconsistent with the laws of the state and the power conferred by the charter.