Information Maintained by the Office of Code Revision Indiana Legislative Services Agency
1846 Local Acts-2-1
    SEC. 1. That Anne Therese Guerin, (Sister St. Theodora,) Victoire Gage, (Sister St. Vincent,) Louise Ciercen, (Sister St. Liguori,) Irena Sefer de La Motte, (Sister St. F. Xavier,) Josephine Puriellan, (Sister Marie Joseph,) Eleanor Bailly, (Sister Mary Cecilia,) Mary Ann Graham, (Sister Augustine,) Sisters of Providence of Vigo county, and their associates and successors be, and they are hereby constituted and declared to be a body corporate and politic, by the name and style of "The Sisters of Providence of St. Mary's of the Woods," and by that name shall have perpetual succession, with full power to elect, from time to time, such officers, instructors, managers, and agents as they may think necessary for the management and benefit of said Seminary; to contract and be contracted with, to acquire, hold, enjoy, and transfer property, real and personal, and to receive and hold title to such real estate as they may have heretofore acquired by donation, purchase, or otherwise; to have and use a common seal, and the same to alter at pleasure; to sue and be sued; to plead and be impleaded in any court of law or equity; to receive and accept any grant, gift, donation, bequest, or conveyance by any person, company, or corporation, of any property, real or personal, and to hold, enjoy, or dispose of the same, as may by them be deemed best for the interest of said institution; to make, ordain, establish, and execute such by-laws, rules and ordinances, not inconsistent with the constitution and laws of the United States, and the constitution and laws of the State of Indiana, as they shall deem necessary for the welfare of said Seminary; and to do all other acts necessary for the promotion of the arts and sciences, and the prosperity of said Seminary: Provided, It shall not be lawful for said corporation to hold or to be the owners of real estate, exclusive of improvements, exceeding in value thirty thousand dollars; and if by donation, devise, or otherwise, it should become the legal or equitable owner of real estate of greater value, the same shall be sold by said corporation within two years after such title shall have accrued or become vested therein.

1846 Local Acts-2-2
    SEC. 2. The Legislature reserves to itself the right to revise, amend, or repeal the provisions of this act at any time after five years shall have elapsed: Provided, A repeal of said act shall not operate so as to divest the owners thereof of any property acquired under this act of incorporation.

1846 Local Acts-2-3
    SEC. 3. This act to be in force from and after its approval by the Governor.

1846 Local Acts-61-1
    SEC. 1. That C. Huber, John Hoffman, Christian Bohrer, and their successors in office, are hereby constituted a body politic and corporate, and shall be known by the name and style of "the trustees of Zion's church," (of Highland township,) and by said corporate name may sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, in any court in this

State, and by that name be capable of purchasing, holding, bargaining and selling any property, either real or personal, for the use of said church, both by legal and equitable title, not to exceed in value the sum of twelve thousand dollars, and to have perpetual succession, according to the usages and government of the Evangelical Lutheran denomination of Christians.

1846 Local Acts-168-1
    SEC. 1. That C. K. Thompson, Noble Butler, Thomas W. Haynes, J. L. Scott and all other persons who now are or may hereafter become members of the society of the "Alumni of Hanover College," as hereby established, or as it may hereafter be altered or amended, shall be and are hereby constituted and appointed a body corporate and politic in law, by the name of the society of the Alumni of Hanover College, for the promotion of learning and for no other purpose whatever.

1846 Local Acts-168-2
    SEC. 2. The said society, by the name aforesaid, shall have perpetual succession, and be capable of suing and being sued, pleading and being impleaded in all courts whatsoever.

1846 Local Acts-168-3
    SEC. 3. The said society, by the name aforesaid, shall have a common seal, and may change the same at their pleasure; they shall have full power to adopt a constitution and enact such by-laws and regulations, not inconsistent with the constitution and laws of this State and of the United States, as may be necessary for the management of said society, and to alter and amend the same at their pleasure.

1846 Local Acts-168-4
    SEC. 4. The said society shall elect trustees, who shall hold office until their successors are appointed, according to the rules of said society, and who shall be known as the trustees of said society of Alumni; which said trustees, by the name and style aforesaid, shall be capable of taking, receiving and holding, by gift or purchase for said society of Alumni, any books, papers, maps, apparatus, paintings, money, real estate, or other material or collection whatever, for the advancement of learning.

1846 Local Acts-168-5
    SEC. 5. The funds and property of said society shall be managed and controlled as said society may direct.

1846 Local Acts-329-1
    SEC. 1. That the president and trustees of the town of Dublin shall have full power and authority, by such ordinance or ordinances as they may establish, to prohibit the sale of any spirituous or strong liquors, foreign or domestic, within the corporate limits of said town, in any quantity or quantities, or for any purpose whatever, except as may be provided by said president and trustees in said ordinance or ordinances, in their discretion.

1846 Local Acts-329-2
    SEC. 2. Any person who shall violate any ordinance or ordinances contemplated by the first section of this act, shall be liable upon conviction thereof in an action of debt or on the case by said president and trustees before any court having competent jurisdiction, to pay any sum not less than three nor more than twenty-five dollars for each violation.

1846 Local Acts-329-3
    SEC. 3. Any person who shall be proceeded against as contemplated by the second section of this act, shall be entitled to a change of venue as in other cases before justices of the peace: Provided, That if a change be asked from any justice resident within the corporate limits of said town, said president and trustees, or a majority of them, shall make out in writing their opinion as to what shall be deemed a violation or evasion of their ordinance or ordinances, or an attempt to violate and evade the same, which opinion when so made out and forwarded to the justice upon whom the trial of the cause may devolve, shall govern his decision respecting the points submitted to him in said opinion.