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    Indiana Senate Democrats believe in building a stronger economy by investing in education and our skilled workforce, developing a business-friendly climate, attracting good-paying jobs and adapting to the global economy.

    Hoosiers have a rich history of fostering innovation. As the state transitions from a traditional manufacturing economy to one that is more diversified, we can leverage the power of our universities, our workers, and our existing infrastructure to become leaders in new industries such as biotechnology and renewable energy.

    2012 Jobs and Economic Fairness Proposals:
    In 2012 Senate Democrats will push for a redirection of resources from ineffective programs to those that better serve Indiana's employers and workers, providing new incentives without new taxes. The proposals include:

    • Providing new hire tax credits for smaller employers (SB 189
    • Redirecting job creation funds to successful initiatives (SB 163)
    • Providing preference in state contracts to companies that use Indiana labor (SB 197)
    • Beginning work on state infrastructure and university construction projects immediately
    • Requiring the collection of online sales tax to level the playing field for brick-and-mortar retailers (SB 100)
    • Providing work-share programs to assist employers in retaining their skilled workers during times of economic uncertainty (HB 1506)

    Read more about the proposals>>

    Indiana Senate Democrats support:

    • Creating incentives for hiring Indiana workers and encouraging business growth
    • Ensuring that state economic development tax incentives are effectively used by recouping incentives from businesses that do not meet their commitments to the state or local community
    • Promoting small business development and entrepreneurship
    • Promoting jobs in green industries
    • Finding new ways to support and expand Indiana's agricultural industry
    • Rewarding Indiana companies that do business with other Indiana companies
    • Linking colleges and universities to Indiana businesses for technical assistance and research partnerships
    • Ensuring that all Hoosiers can apply for jobs created with state incentives, regardless of where they live