Cataloging Tip of the Week December 2009

Tip #17, December 17, 2009

We've received several requests for more 5xx field order cheat sheets.  Here's one for sound recordings::


538  Format - system details & requirements
500  Nature and form
546  Language
500  Source of title proper  ("Title from container")
500  Variations in title
500  Parallel titles / Other title information
500  Statement of responsibility  ("Based on a poem by")
511  Cast - featured performers, presenters, narrators  ("Narrated by")
508  Credits ("Music and lyrics by .... ; musical arrangements by ...")
500  Edition and history  ("Unabridged", "Reissue of", "From the soundtrack of the motion picture", "Sequel to:")
518  Date / Time / Place ("Recorded at Music Hall on")
500  Publication, dist., etc. and date info ("Includes unreleased and previously released material")
500  Physical description  ("Compact disc")
500  Accompanying materials  ("Lyrics inserted in container")
500  Series ("Originally issued in the series: __")
521  Audience  ("Parental advisory, explicit lyrics")
530  Other formats ("Issued also on cassette")
520  Summary
505  Contents
500  Publisher's number, distributor's stock numbers, UPC codes
506  Restrictions on access
540  Terms governing use
501  "with" notes

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Tip #16, December 11, 2009

Illustrators included in the statement of responsibility (245 |c) that are not the main entry (100 tag) should be listed as an added entry (700 field) if:
• the illustrations are considered an important feature of the work OR
• the illustrator's name is given at least equal prominence to the main entry OR
• illustrations occupy half or more of the work.
 You can indicate that the person is the illustrator by adding a subfield e:

245 10 aCowgirl Kate and Cocoa : |bpartners / |cwritten by Erica Silverman ; painted by Betsy Lewin.
700 1_ aLewin, Betsy, |eill.

Illustrations in a work are indicated in the 300 field, subfield b, as well as the ills fixed field.  What is shown in the 300 field must be reflected in the fixed fields.
• If the 300 field includes terms like "ill.", "col. ill.", "chiefly ill.", then the ills fixed field must contain an 'a'.
• If your item contains maps, then the 300 tag needs to reflect this and there must be a 'b' in the ills fixed field.  If the map is on the lining papers, this should be put in a 500 note.  (500 __ |aMap on lining papers.)
Look for plates in non-fiction books, especially biographies.  Plates are not included in the pagination and are often in groups of 8 or 16.  Count the total number of pages of plates and put it in the 300 field, subfield a.  The number of pages goes in brackets.  If you list plates in the 300 field, the ills fixed field must contain an 'f'.

Plates in a 300 field:
300 __ a332 p., [16] p. of plates : |bcol ill. ; |c25 cm.           (ills fixed field = af)

Subfield 'b' of the 300 field is always preceded by a colon (:) and subfield c is preceded by a semicolon (;).  This mean if you don't have any illustrations, the number of pages is followed by a semicolon.
300 __ a198 p. ; |c22 cm.

The ills fixed field can contain up to 4 codes. 

Tables containing only words and/or numbers are NOT illustrations.  Disregard illustrated title pages and minor illustrations.

If you list multiple terms in the 300 field, they should be in alphabetically order except 'ill.', if used, should be first.

Other sample 300 fields:

300 __ a653 p. : |bcol. ill., ports. ; |c22 cm.      (ills fixed field = ac)
300 __ a356 p. : |bgeneal. tables, maps ; |c21 cm.    (ills fixed field = bj)
300 __ a198 p. : |bcharts ; |c24 cm.   (ills fixed field = d)

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Tip #15, December 4, 2009 

When searching the Evergreen database for a record that matches your item in hand, don't assume there is no record just because scanning the 13-digit ISBN produced no results.  Even though we're all in a hurry, we need to also search by the 10-digit ISBN (if there is one) and then the title/author, especially for older items.

If a matching record is found using the 10-digit ISBN, be sure to add the 13-digit ISBN in another 020 field. 

If your item has both a 13-digit and 10-digit ISBN, both should be on the MARC record. 

If you have a book that matches an Evergreen record except for the binding, you can attach to that record and add the ISBNs for your book BELOW those already in the record.  Add the qualifications for the ISBN the same line:

020 __ |a 9780451228215 (BWI)

If part of the ISBN is the letter x, it should be typed in upper case.

A few catalogers emailed me last week regarding Tip #14.  If the 5xx cheatsheet part of the Tip did not appear in the message you received, let me know and I will resend.

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