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  1. Citizens Commemorate Dr. King through Honoring Legacy
  2. Celebrate 30 Years of MLK Day with Day of Service
  3. Provides Extensive Library of Wholesome Family Meals Provides Portal
to 113th Congress

The 113th United States Congress is ready to begin taking care of the business of the people, with enough intrigue to rival any television show. The new United States legislation information portal, Congress.Gov, is the beta site for an updated version of Thomas.Gov, where the Library of Congress provides access to current legislation. On the new site, patrons can view legislation of the U.S. Congress from 2001 to present, such as the “Fiscal Cliff” bill and other laws that affect U.S. communities. Biographical profiles of congressional members are also available as well as ways to learn more about the legislative process.  You can still view the list of bills introduced in the 113th Congress on Whichever site you choose, you and your patrons will find useful, authoritative government information resources.

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Citizens Commemorate Dr. King through Honoring Legacy

MLK, Jr. Holiday CommissionDr. Martin Luther King’s official birthday is January 15th, but we celebrate as a nation with a holiday in his honor on January 21st. Indiana’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Commission shares Dr. King’s legacy of equality, justice, and offers educational tools to demonstrate the historical significance of Dr. King. In 1996, the Indiana General Assembly established legislation for a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Indiana Holiday Commission. The law states that the Commission shall commemorate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with programs or activities that honor Dr. King’s life and works to reflect Dr. King’s philosophy and dream of freedom, justice, and racial equality through nonviolent social change. This year, the Commission’s Holiday Celebration was held on January 17th by hosting a youth summit.   January 18th is designated as a day of service. This year more than 300 students from across the state, grades 6-8, will take part in this 22nd annual event to wish a happy birthday to Dr. King.

Celebrate 30 Years of MLK Day with Day of Service

MLK Day of ServiceThe inauguration of President Barack Obama takes place Monday, January 21st, the same day the nation commemorates Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Legislation was signed in 1983 creating a federal holiday in memory of Dr. King and his commitment to social justice. Many people reflect on this holiday with a chance to honor Dr. King with service to their communities. The Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service  ebsite provides users with ideas on how to serve and how to learn more about Dr. King. The President promotes that service is a lifelong commitment - at the school, community, city, state, or national level. To honor the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., President Obama continues the tradition of a National Day of Service. The public can get involved in a variety of ways. Help your patrons search for events near them, host an event, and make a pledge to serve. If you plan to be in the Washington, D.C. area, there are opportunities to serve in DC as well.  To learn more about the life of Dr. King, visit the website of the King Center, established in 1968 by Mrs. Coretta Scott King. Provides Extensive Library of Wholesome Family Meals

ChooseMyPlate.govYou have the power to whip yourself into your own Iron Chef! With’s wide library of recipes, ranging from traditional dishes to historic recipes from past Presidents, it’s easy to add new, exciting recipes to your family’s dinner table. You can find menu options that everyone will love.

Try Mrs. Truman’s Mac and Cheese – This recipe, which was from her days in the White House, contains the most basic ingredients to make a delicious dish kids will love. Put a healthy twist on traditional breakfast foods with this oatmeal pancake or waffle recipe that uses whole wheat flour and has a fruit topping instead of syrup. And if you’re looking to satisfy a sweet tooth, these Crispy Crunchers are so easy that you can have the kids help. There’s no baking required, so you don’t need to worry about accidental burns.

Once you find those meals that make your family’s mouths water, don’t forget to save them and build your own personal cookbook. You can choose your own cover, tailor the recipes to any type of eater, and name it whatever you want. You can also upload and add those beloved family recipes, passed down from Great-Grandma Mary, or find and save new recipes online.

While you’re busy whipping up some healthy and tasty meals, be sure to check out the nutrition behind all those ingredients. With a new year comes a fresh start and resolutions for healthy living. To keep your family on track and help keep off those extra pounds, check out’s tips for healthy and safe shopping, cooking, and meal planning as you prepare for your days ahead. You can also use's diet trackers, calorie counters, and online food journals to keep track of your food. This new year, keep your family happy, healthy, and hungry for more!

This information is brought to you as a courtesy of the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) via the blog.

If you’re looking for additional nutrition education tools and resources that are good for winter months, check out the USDA’s Winter’s Abundance website.


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