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In this week's issue of the Friday Facts:

  1. Census Releases New Race/Ethnicity Data

  2. USPS Holiday Portal Helps Ensure Timely Delivery of Gifts

  3. Reminds that Winter is No Time to Neglect Skin

Census Releases New Race/Ethnicity Data

Census Releases New DataTuesday, December 13, the U.S. Census Bureau started release of data from the 2010 Census Summary File 2, which contains detailed Race and Ethnicity data not included in July’s Summary File 1 release. The first two states to be released were Nevada and New Mexico. The remainder of data will be released on a flow basis, with the next states announced within one week prior to the release of data. Information will be available down to the Census tract level. The Census Bureau has created a press kit for stakeholders who need to be alerted.

If you would like to receive updates about future releases from the 2010 Census, American Community Survey, and other Census Bureau reports, please email for a subscription to the Indiana State Data Center listserv. The Data Center is also available on Facebook and Twitter. Follow along as new data is released every day across the world, nation, and the State of Indiana. Call the State Data Center Information Line for data requests: 317-232-3733 or use Ask-a-Librarian on the Indiana State Library website.

USPS Holiday Portal Helps Ensure Timely Delivery of Gifts

United States Postal ServiceDespite being the topic of rumors about office closures and layoffs, post offices around the country are very busy in December. In order to ensure your packages and cards get where they need to be on time, check out the Post Office’s Holiday Welcome website. They have a calendar that features important dates: If you’re sending something Parcel Post to arrive by Dec. 25, yesterday was your last day. Do you need something sent First Class? You’ll need to send it by Tuesday, Dec. 20th. Don’t worry! You still have a few more days to send items via Priority or Express Mail. The Post Office has many other services designed to make your holidays easier – You can order supplies like envelopes, forms, and postage online. You can also use their Track & Confirm feature to make sure items are getting to where you’ve sent them!

The Post Office is also able to have a little fun this time of year. Post Offices around the country have been receiving letters to Santa for over one hundred years. Starting in 1912, postal employees were allowed to answer these letters. Unfortunately, by 1940, the mail volume had become so big that they no longer had the time to do this. Luckily, these letters can still be answered! The Post Office allows individuals, businesses, and non-profits to adopt letters – you can answer letters and even send small gifts. Go here to learn how to adopt a letter. Check out the Operation Santa homepage for more information about the program. Reminds that Winter is No Time to Neglect Skin Government Made EasyWith much of the country already dealing with snowfall, it seems as if the days of sunscreen and taking refuge under a beach umbrella are a distant memory. However, the winter months are no time to neglect your skin. The sun’s rays can cause damage whether it’s 85 or -5.

Use these tips from to help keep your skin healthy and protected, even if you’re outside playing with Jack Frost:

  • Think sunscreen is just something you need only when it’s sunny? Think again. The rays of the sun are just as potent, even when you can’t feel them. Wear a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 daily to prevent skin damage and premature aging.

  • To function at its best, your body needs you to get plenty of rest—and your skin is no exception. While everyone is different, an average adult needs 6-9 hours of sleep every night. During your rest is when the skin rejuvenates itself, and without enough downtime, it can’t properly replenish moisture or trigger cell turnover.

  • The right fuel makes a world of difference for your overall wellbeing, and the condition of your skin. Fresh fruits like blueberries and strawberries contain anti-oxidants that keep your complexion fresh and healthy. Eating right is key to youthful, radiant skin.

  • During the winter months, even people living in warmer climates can experience dry skin due to dropping humidity levels and use of artificial heat. To avoid itchy, flaky, skin, take shorter, lukewarm showers and moisturize right after you bathe. Using a humidifier while you sleep can help hydrate skin as well as your nasal passages, which also dry out during the winter.

  • Whatever you do, resist the urge to go indoor tanning! Having that “summer glow” in the middle of winter comes at a high cost: increased risk of cancer, premature wrinkling, and you can still get burnt.

During all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, cold weather, sledding and shoveling—be sure not to neglect your skin, even though you’re not at the beach.

This article is brought to you by, as a courtesy of the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). For more information, visit

Indiana Department of Education

DOE Unveils New Website

Indiana Department of Education has a new look!   The new design is more streamlined and easier to read.   Four main menus have been established for easier guidance: Outreach, Achievement and Growth, Innovation and Improvement, and Support. A new feature on the site is ‘Trending Now,’ displayed as Twitter hashtags, which features newsfeeds on major topics and subjects.   The online calendar has added upcoming events as well as a searchable version.  There is a new “Applications” section which gives details about new programs put for the by the DOE. A video gallery is prominently displayed in the center of the page for easier viewing and access.  The newly–designed website is worth a look!  If you are accustomed to finding information on the previous site, it is still available to the public here..


Directory Helps Locate Federal Libraries

Not to be confused with the Federal Depository Library Program, actual federal libraries are libraries that are owned and operated by a particular federal agency. These can be open to the public or to a particular population; and they often contain specialized collections. Until recently, it was difficult to pinpoint where exactly most federal libraries around the country were located. Powered in part by the Library of Congress, the Federal Library Directory allows users to search by location, agency, type, or size. Do you want to know how many federal libraries are in Indiana? Go here to find the four. Do you need to locate the nearest Department of Defense library? This will help you with that, as well. The details contained in each entry vary, but you can find out information about the collection, contact information, hours, and more. You can also view an interactive map of the libraries.


ISL: Federal Depository Library

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