Indiana Share

Indiana Share

Indiana State law (IC 4-23-7.1-5) requires the State Library to “encourage and facilitate the interlibrary exchange of services, information, and materials.” The Indiana SHARE (IN-SHARE) program is a subsidized program of the Indiana State Library which allows libraries which normally would not be able to take advantage of resource sharing with other libraries to request materials through mediated interlibrary loans.

Indiana Share began back in the 1980s as a service of INCOLSA and the ALSAs supported by the State Library. The purpose of IN-SHARE was to extend resource sharing capabilities to libraries which were not able to offer the service themselves.  Under this program, libraries were able to forward interlibrary loan requests to the State Library where staff would create and track a mediated interlibrary loan request through the interlibrary loan system. In an average year, the State Library will process approximately 70,000 of these requests at a cost in excess of $20 each.

Effective 1 July 2017, the Indiana State Library, at the recommendation of the Resource Sharing Committee, will adopt new guidelines regulating the use of the Indiana-SHARE interlibrary loan service.

Click here to view the new requirements and guidelines for Participating IN-SHARE Libraries

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Phone:                         (317) 234-8153
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