Stormwater Improvements Program (SIP)

Property owners in many communities across the state of Indiana suffer from flooded property and sewer backups due to inadequate stormwater management. Flooding is expensive to clean up, depresses property values, and degrades water quality. With increasingly severe weather and overloaded sewer systems, experts say the cost will continue to rise.

SIP Information Sheet

The goals of our Stormwater Improvements Program are to:

  • Reduce flooding
  • Cut stormwater treatment and energy costs
  • Protect rivers, lakes, and vital landscape
  • Generate jobs and spur economic revitalization


Letter of Intent Instructions - Round 2, 2017

Application Instructions - Round 2, 2017 (Updated August 17, 2017)

Application - Round 2, 2017  NOTE: Save the document to your computer first.  When you open it up for editing, you may need to click on "View" and choose "Edit document." (Updated August 17, 2017)

In-kind / Local Match Worksheet

SIP Policy Statement