Kingsbury Utility Corp.

Kingsbury Utility Corporation (KUC), which provides service in LaPorte County, has requested water and sewer rate increases in IURC Cause Nos. 44589-U (water) and 44590-U (sewer service).

The OUCC filed reports with the IURC on June 9, 2015, recommending substantial decreases to the utility's requests.

Several IURC orders have been issued in these cases, including an interim emergency order for the sewer utility in December 2015, Phase One orders for the water and sewer utilities in March 2016, and financing orders in October 2016.

On January 17, 2018, the IURC approved Phase Two rates (water and sewer) on an interim basis.

To view the IURC file for either case, click here and enter the appropriate cause number.

  Water (5,000 gallons) Sewer (Flat rate)
Previous KUC rates  $37.46  $32.69
KUC Request - Phase 1  $87.70  $50.52
KUC Request - Phase 2  $95.42  $61.29
OUCC Recommendation - Phase 1  $61.41  $33.40
OUCC Recommendation - Phase 2  $63.59  $42.44


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