List of Physician Assistant Committee Members

The Physician Assistant Committee consists of five members appointed by the governor for terms of three years.  Three members must be physician assistants in good standing who have at least three years experience and hold a current license to practice as a physician assistant in Indiana. The fourth member must be a physician in good standing who is familiar with the practice of physician assistants and holds a current license to practice medicine in Indiana. The fifth member represents the general public, being a resident of Indiana and someone who has never been associated with physician assistants in anyway other than as a consumer. 

Steven E. Jacobs, P.A., Chairman
Joe B. Fox, M.D.
Bret Cornn, P.A.

Jo Ann Beecher, P.A.
Consumer Member - Timothy Hawkins

You may direct correspondence to a Committee member by sending it to the Committee office at the following address or by e-mail at

Physician Assistant Committee
Attn: [Committee Member]
402 W. Washington Street, Room W072
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204