Indiana Controlled Substances Advisory Committee

During the 2010 legislative session, Senate Enrolled Act Number 356 eliminated the Controlled Substances Advisory Committee (CSAC).  On July 1, 2010, the powers, duties, orders, liabilities, records, etc., of CSAC are transferred to the Indiana Board of PharmacyAny registration issued by CSAC before its abolishment shall be treated after June 30, 2010, as if the registration had been issued by the Indiana Board of Pharmacy.  CSAC held its final meeting on March 26, 2010. 

CSAC Minutes & Agendas

Non-practitioner/facility Controlled Substances Registration Information
Non-practitioner/facility controlled substances registration applications will be reviewed at the monthly meetings held by the Indiana Board of Pharmacy. 

The Application for Indiana Controlled Substances Registration for Non-Practitioners and application instructions may be downloaded from the Indiana Board of Pharmacy's website

Questions regarding non-practitioner/facility controlled substance registrations, please contact the Indiana Board of Pharmacy at

Practitioner Controlled Substances Registration Information
Any practitioner controlled substances registration application (which includes MD, DO, DVM, DDS, or DPM, and APN or PA with prescriptive authority) required to be reviewed will be done so by their
own profession's licensing board
, not the Indiana Board of Pharmacy.  

The Application for Indiana Controlled Substances Registration (CSR) for Practitioners and application instructions for may be downloaded from your profession's licensing board's website

Questions regarding practitioner controlled substance registrations, including application information, renewals, address updates, prescriber requirements and/or restrictions, etc., please contact your profession's board office.