Submitting Data

The Professional Licensing Agency (PLA) is pleased to announce that the transition, effective January 1, 2016, to 24-hour requirement for pharmacies to report dispensed controlled substances has been extremely smooth. The initiative provides valuable assistance in combating the drug abuse epidemic in the state by ensuring dispensed controlled substance prescription information is as up to date as possible for both practitioners and law enforcement.  

Please use the following guides to assist you with reporting:

Obtaining a Username and Password

Visit the PMP WebCenter and click "Not a Member? Register ". If you are registering your facility for the purpose of uploading prescription information, please complete the registration application for your facility, choosing Pharmacy Upload as the user job. Provide your facility's NABP number (NCPDP number) in the requested field. (An NABP number is required to report to INSPECT. If you do not have one, call the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy at 847-391-4406.) Click “Submit” when you are finished, and a password will be emailed to the email address used in the registration. If you receive an error message "One or more unique identifiers exist" that facility already has an account. Please email INSPECT at to obtain your facility username and password if you receive this error, or if you have any questions. Once you have received your username and password you may begin submitting data.

Submitting Data

Log in to the PMP WebCenter using your username and password. Open the Data Collection tab on the navigation bar and click "File Upload." Click "Browse" and navigate to where you have saved your .dat file. Double-click your .dat file to place it into the browse box in the WebCenter. Click "Upload" to submit your file. Processing takes 24 hours. Be sure to check back the next day to view if your file processed successfully and if there were any errors. Correct any errors in your pharmacy software, then re-submit a new .dat file to the PMP WebCenter containing the records you corrected. **A file with an error does not make it into the PMP WebCenter. Errant files MUST be corrected to remain compliant with statute.

Please direct all inquires to INSPECT at

System Requirements and Technical Information

When you have a controlled substance .dat file you believe is formatted correctly, please submit the file for testing to as an email attachment.