Law Enforcement

Certain members of law enforcement are eligible to access the INSPECT database. To request an Rx History report a law enforcement user must already be engaged in an active, ongoing investigation and will have to provide that case number when making the request.


To register with INSPECT, law enforcement users must first complete the electronic application available on the INSPECT WebCenter Login page .

Once the electronic application has been submitted, you will be prompted to print an account authentication form that is already filled out with your information. This form must be signed then submitted to INSPECT, along with a letter of intent with a supervisory signature on agency letterhead in order for the application to be processed. A sample supervisory letter of intent that you may print on your agency or department letterhead is below. 

Letter of Intent

An application is not complete and cannot be processed unless the electronic application has been submitted online and the registration form and supervisory letter of intent have been sent to INSPECT.

Mail to:  Attention INSPECT, 405 W. Washington Street, Room W072  Indianapolis, IN  46204

Fax: 317-232-2115   

Court Staff and Probation Officer Access

For questions please email INSPECT at