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Indiana State Board of Accounts

Indiana State Board of Accounts

Entity Annual Report - Form E-1 Entity Annual Report - Form E-1

Instructions for Entity Annual Report (Form E-1)
(Form E-1 located at bottom of page)

Nongovernmental organizations (entities) receiving financial assistance from governmental sources in the form of grants, subsidies or contributions, are required by Indiana Code (IC) 5-11-1-4 to file an Entity Annual Report (Form E-1) with the State Board of Accounts.

Receipt of the funding referred to above subjects your organization to State audit requirements discussed in IC 5-11-1-9. The information you report on the Entity Annual Report enables us to assist you in correctly determining your auditing and reporting requirements. Therefore, it is extremely important that you exercise care in the preparation of this report.

You should report as "government funds" all cash received from any state or local government. These may be in the form of grants, contracts, subsidies, contributions, reimbursements, loans or possibly other agreements. "Government funds" may include Federal funds if the Federal funds go to state or local government first and then are subgranted to your entity. Federal funds received directly from a Federal agency should not be reported as "government funds" on this report. Also, non-Federal funding arrangements that are considered "purchase of service" agreements and not "financial assistance" should not be reported as "government funds" on this report. However, both should be included in your entity's total disbursements (Line 3).

"Purchase of Service" agreements are those where a government agency reimburses you based on specified "per diem" or "per unit" rate for services actually provided. Please note that contracts with a government unit to provide services for a flat fee or contract amount are not considered "purchase of service" agreements and, therefore should be reported.

Since the purpose of the Entity Annual Report is to determine the audit requirements placed on your entity by IC 5-11-1-9 it is important that you report "government funds" in accordance with the preceding paragraphs. Failure to properly report "government funds" could result in a violation of IC 5-11-1-9 and possibly other statutes.

This report is used to determine your STATE audit and reporting requirements. Your entity may be subject to other audit and reporting requirements (specifically Federal OMB Circular A-133 or other contractual agreements with the grantor agency). Please contact the grantor agencies for help in determining your entity's overall audit and reporting requirements. If your entity receives both direct Federal awards and state or local funds, we recommend audit arrangements to meet both requirements.

If your organization receives federal funds, please note that the threshold requiring an audit under OMB Circular A-133 has increased significantly for fiscal years ending after December 31, 2003. It is possible that an organization exempt from audit under OMB Circular A-133, will still need to have an audit done under IC 5-11-1-9. In these instances an audit done in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards (GAAS), rather than generally accepted government auditing standards (GAGAS), will suffice, if this is acceptable with your funding agencies.

Shortly after the date you file the Entity Annual Report, you will be notified if an organization-wide audit is required, or if you qualify for a waiver of the State requirements. If you qualify for a waiver, a tentative waiver letter will be sent and you must supply us with financial information supporting the amounts reported on the Entity Annual Report. If you have qualified for a waiver in the prior year and believe you will qualify in the current year, you may send the supporting documentation at the time of sending your Entity Annual Report. If in fact you do qualify for a waiver, a final letter will be sent, completing the process. All organizations qualifying for a waiver will be processed as such.

Please make any name or address changes directly on this form. Mail to: Indiana State Board of Accounts, 302 West Washington Street, Room E418, Indianapolis, IN 46204, within 60 days after the close of your entity's accounting year end. If you have a name or address change between reporting periods, please contact our office.

The Entity Annual Report should not be confused with the Secretary of State's Business Entity Report. This is a separate form that is required to be filed by all corporations with the Secretary of State's Office. The Business Entity Report has a filing fee, typically $10 for not-for-profit corporations, which should also be sent to the Secretary of State's Office. Any questions concerning the Business Entity Report should be addressed to the Secretary of State's Office at (317)232-6576.

If you need assistance in filing your Entity Annual Report, please contact Sherry Parton, Supervisor for Non-Governmental Entities, at (317) 232-2525.