Official statement from Secretary Todd Rokita regarding the latest developments in the case against case against Marcus Schrenker

(INDIANAPOLIS) – Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita made the following statement regarding the recent developments in the case against former money manager Marcus Schrenker.

"I'm pleased at my staff’s professional work aimed at obtaining justice on behalf of Marcus Schrenker's victims. The plea agreement signed by the parties sends a strong message that securities fraud in Indiana will be prosecuted and violators will be held criminally accountable. Additionally, Schrenker will be serving this prison sentence in the prime of his life, just desserts for what he has done. But also, this would allow him fourteen years from now, hopefully, to still go back to work and continuing making restitution to his victims,” Secretary Rokita said.

“People plead guilty when there is a strong investigation. Through the hard work and solid investigative work by the state’s Securities Division and the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s office we are continuing our efforts to stem investor fraud and punish those who take advantage of Hoosiers’ financial well-being.”

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