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Section 6: Other Notices of Liens

Indiana Secretary of State's Office
Administrative Rules

Section 6 -- Other Notices of Liens:

600 Policy statement. The purpose of rules in this section is to describe records of liens maintained by the filing office created pursuant to statutes other than the UCC that are treated by the filing officer in a manner substantially similar to UCC documents and are included on request with the reports described in rules 504 and 505.

601 Notice of federal tax lien. This section is not applicable in Indiana.

602 Notice of state tax lien. This section is not applicable in Indiana.

603 Notice of other lien in favor of a governmental body. This section is not applicable in Indiana.

604 Agricultural liens. These are non-UCC agricultural liens that fall under one of the following categories:

The "Thresher's" Lien prescribed in IC 32-8-33-1
The "Blacksmith's" Lien prescribed in IC 32-8-21-1
The Lien on Crops Paid as Rent prescribed in IC 32-7-1-18

604.1 Mechanics of filing. Agricultural liens are filed in the same manner as an initial financing statement and may use all forms and formats of communication permitted to be used in connection with initial financing statements. Each communication of a record of an agricultural lien must identify itself as such. They are indexed by debtor name and will be revealed by searches under rules 504 and 505.

604.1.1 Where to file. Agricultural liens are filed with the county recorder's office in the county where the debtor is located.

604.1.2 Fee. The fees for such filings are the same as those described in rule 111.

604.1.3 Duration. Agricultural liens are treated in substantially the same manner as financing statements and therefore lapse if not continued.

604.2 Mechanics of search.

604.2.1 Fee for search. The fee for a search for an agricultural lien record is the same as the fee listed in rule 111.

604.2.2 Search available with UCC search. An agricultural lien search may be done simultaneously with a UCC search.

605 Notice of lien in favor of a private individual or entity #2. This section is not applicable.

Numbers 606 through 699 are reserved.