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UCC Search Procedures

  1. UCC Information Requests (searches) may be submitted to the Secretary of State's Office via the Information Search form. Click here to print the form. The search fee of $5 must be submitted with the request.

  2. UCC Searches may also be performed via this website (at less cost than a paper search submitted to our office!). To browse the UCC records if you are unsure of the particular debtor name and to print copies of documents, click here. To obtain a Search Certificate (listing) and/or copies, click here. Each search function has detailed explanations and instructions, making it easy to use even for first-time searchers.

  3. Information requests will be processed according to Section 5 of the Indiana Administrative Rules. The search logic is the standard search logic promulgated by the International Association of Corporation Administrators.

  4. Searches are performed on the particular name requested. A search for a particular name will not yield other versions of that name, such as nicknames, misspellings, or assumed names. Ending noise words (like LLC, Corp., Inc.) will not be included in the search, so a search for an organization may yield two organizations with names that are identical except for the business ending. For a list of ending noise words, click here.