Answer Key: Chapter Six



1. CORRECT ANSWER:  C. Allow the voter to cast a provisional ballot if they signed the poll book by mistake without having presented a photo ID.


2. CORRECT ANSWER:  B. When comparing a voter’s photo ID to information in the poll book, only the name must match.


3. CORRECT ANSWER:  B. The Poll Clerk allows the voter to sign the poll book, compares the signature on the poll list to the signature on the voter’s registration card, asks the voter to provide or update their voter identification number, determines whether or not the voter must provide additional documentation, and determines whether or not a fail-safe procedure can solve a problem if one should arise after a voter provides a photo ID.


4. CORRECT ANSER:  C. Either the voter’s Indiana Driver’s License Number or the last four digits of the voter’s social security number is the voter’s voter identification number.


5. CORRECT ANSWER:  A. If a Poll Clerk questions the identity of a voter based on their signature, they may challenge the voter.


6. CORRECT ANSWER:  A. A voter was left off the poll list by mistake, mistaken records show a voter has moved, a voter has moved outside of the precinct but is allowed to return to their old precinct to vote, or the voter has proof they are registered to vote but the voter’s name does not appear on the poll list are situations in which fail-safe procedures can solve the problem.


7. CORRECT ANSWER:  A. Poll workers can find out when and how to use fail-safe procedures in their election training manual.


8. CORRECT ANSWER:  C. If no poll worker is certain whether or not to use a fail-safe procedure, a poll worker should call the county election board to determine if the problem can be solved with their help.


9. CORRECT ANSWER:  B. A voter may vote in an Indiana primary election without a party ballot only when voting in school board elections and on public questions.


10. CORRECT ANSWER:  B. A Poll Clerk should give a ballot to a voter once they meet all requirements, sign the poll book and once a voting booth has become available for their use.