Phone and TV Service Discounts


State of Indiana employees could be saving 17 percent on the monthly service charge of qualifying wireless plans with the AT&T Signature Program and can now receive waived activation AND upgrade fees. To see exclusive offers, employees can go to: 

To make an appointment (no waiting!) at your nearest retail location, go to Please reference discount code 27939.

Already an AT&T Mobility customer? To register your account for the discount go to Enter your employee email address and mobile number.  It will then send you an email with a few additional instructions.

For questions regarding the Signature discount program, please visit your local AT&T store. To find the AT&T store closest to you, visit:

Verizon Wireless

15% Off Your Monthly Data Plan Access Fee
Please read the details carefully

  • 15% Discount off Selected Data Plan $34.99 or higher – See Share Everything plans options in this flyer: View the flyer
    • Please note: The State 15% discount does not apply to the new Verizon Unlimited plan
  • Offer valid until April 11, 2018.
  • Proof of employment is required (badge/paycheck/etc.)
  • Only applies to active employees. This discount does not apply to retirees.
  • Offer available to all State of Indiana employees(employees can activate service for their family members but under the state employee’s name only)

For any questions with the Verizon discount, please contact:
Scott VanMeter |
Customer service hours are 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST
Visit today!


All State of Indiana Employees are eligible to receive an 18% discount on select Sprint plans. Discount Applies to select regularly priced Sprint monthly data services.

***This Excludes Promotional Limited Time Offers such as the Unlimited Freedom Plans that may offer different savings  

  • To view the most recent promotional offers for Sprint Discount Program for State employees view flyer here: View State of Indiana Promotional Flyer.
  • Use this code for the Sprint Discount Program: GLSIN_ZZZ. Proof of employment is required.  (Employee Badge/Pay check/etc.)
  • To make an appointment at your nearest retail location please visit: and enter your full address or zip code
  • You can also shop by using the Sprint Discount Program website for State Employees:
  • Existing Sprint Customers, simply click on from your laptop or NOW from your smartphone and follow the steps receive your employee discount on an existing account. Select the option “If you don’t have an email address from your company, university or organization, please upload proof to us.” From here you can upload your employee badge/pay check/etc. In the Corporate ID field enter: GLSIN_ZZZ.  Discount may take 1-2 bill cycles to apply to eligible rate plans.  

If you have discount questions, or issues using the verify site, please reach out to:

If you have any questions regarding corporate liable business plans, please reach out to:<



T-Mobile discount information is not available at this time.




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Exclusive State Employee Discounts on Home Services like Cable and Satellite TV, Internet and Home Security. 

Log on to to see all that's available.