Welcome Indiana Vendors!

We welcome discount offers from businesses all over the State of Indiana!

The Employee Discount Program is for vendors identified as an Indiana business under former Governor Mitch Daniels' Buy Indiana initiative.

Defining an Indiana Business

The Executive Order designates an entity as being an Indiana business if it meets any one of the five conditions as set out in I.C. 5-22-15-20.5.

  • (1) A business whose principal place of business is located in Indiana.
  • (2) A business that pays a majority of its payroll (in dollar volume) to residents of Indiana.
  • (3) A business that employs Indiana residents as a majority of its employees.
  • (4) A business that makes significant capital investments in Indiana as defined below.
  • (5) A business that has a substantial positive economic impact on Indiana as defined below.

If your business is interested in offering a discount to State of Indiana employees, please review the criteria listed below.

State of Indiana Criteria for Employee Discount Offers

Any offer:

  1. Must not involve the contribution of any state funds.
  2. Must provide a unique benefit designed for state employees, or involve no cost to state employees (i.e., a free offer).
  3. Must be available to any and all state employees who wish to take advantage of the offer regardless of location throughout the state.
  4. Must not be political in nature or otherwise violate state ethics rules (e.g., must not involve the state handling funds).
  5. May be modified due to space limitations.
  6. The state reserves the right to refuse any and all offers.

Sending Your Discount Offer for Consideration

E-mail SPD Communications and attach your discount information in a Word or PDF document. You will be notified (by e-mail) of acceptance/denial of your offer within 10 business days.

Please be sure to include the following information in your discount offer:

  • The name of your organization.
  • The products/services that your organization sells.
  • Hours of operation.
  • The dollar amount or percentage amount that state employees will save (or you may include the regular rate compared to state employee rate).
  • The location(s) of your organization.
  • Web site (if applicable).
  • Contact information in case of questions or concerns (please include phone number with area code and an e-mail address).
  • Expiration date of offer (if applicable).
  • Whether or not employees will need to show proof of employment with the State of Indiana ("Employees must show state issued ID or recent paycheck stub").
  • Please specify who the offer is for (good for only state employees, state employees and their family members, or state employees and their family and friends).
  • Any exclusions that apply to the offer.

Note: We do not allow businesses to come to the Indiana Government Center complex to promote any discount offers, nor do we post signs on campus. All offers will be communicated to employees by e-mail, newsletter, and/or post on the Discounts page.

If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail SPD Communications.