Prescription Coverage


Pharmacy benefits for all state health plans are provided by Express Scripts.  All three of the Consumer-Driven Health Plans (CDHPs) have the same prescription coverage while the Traditional PPO has slightly higher copays, coinsurance rates and min/max amounts.

Express Scripts’ website ( offers several cost-and time-saving features.  For instance, you can review the claims that have been submitted for your 2016 prescriptions to help you make an informed decision about your 2017 election. Then, take it a step further, and shop for the lowest price on your medications.  Enter the name of your prescription and the website lists the price and any generics or other options for treatment of your particular condition.  This helps you to make informed investments of your healthcare dollars.

Keep in mind that in addition to retail pharmacies, you can utilize Express Scripts; mail order pharmacy.  They offer a 90-day supply on some medications.  After you meet your deductible, you can purchase a 90-day supply for the cost of 60 days.  That could provide you quite a savings.  Armed with the costs of your medications, that information could help you better calculate your prescription costs for 2017.

Express Scripts also has specialty pharmacists, available around the clock, who can answer your questions about cardiovascular, diabetes, cancer, women’s health, neuroscience and pulmonary conditions.

Learn more about Express Scripts by visiting or call, toll free 1-877-841-5241.


  • 2017 Express Scripts Plan Certificate – This prescriptions benefit document describes how to get prescription medications, what medications are covered and not covered, and what portion of the prescription costs you will be required to pay.