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Latest News & Headlines

Indiana E-filing Rules to become effective over time

July 24, 2015 | Order

The Indiana Supreme Court has approved changes to Trial Rule 86 (electronic filing and service). The rule was adopted in September 2014, but not made immediately effective.

Included in the July 2015 order is the directive to the Division of State Court Administration and E-Filing Steering Committee to establish and post an E-Filing Implementation Schedule at courts.in.gov/efile. The schedule will state when, as well as identify the courts and case types in which, Trial Rule 86 will become effective. The schedule will be updated periodically as e-filing is implemented in additional courts and becomes mandatory.

Rollout of the e-filing system begins with a limited pilot in Hamilton County on July 29, 2015. E-filing will be open to all filers for specific civil case types in Hamilton County courts later in August.

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Children's Commission Releases Annual Report

July 23, 2015 | Press Release

The annual report for the Commission on Improving the Status of Children in Indiana is now available online at www.in.gov/children. The 35-page report is a window into the collaborative work being done across all three branches of Indiana government to improve the lives of Hoosier children--especially the most vulnerable. The report was developed by the 18-member Commission.

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