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Latest News & Headlines

Judges recognized at annual educational conference

OCT 25, 2016 | Press Release

Many judicial officers (judges, magistrates, and referees) were recognized by Chief Justice Loretta Rush for their commitment to higher education and their long-time service. Fourteen judicial officers received an Indiana Judicial College certificate, one judge completed the Indiana Master's Certificate Program, twenty-nine judicial officers completed the Graduate Program for Judges, and three judicial officers were honored for 24 years of service on the bench. The honors were presented at an annual judicial conference.

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E-filing in Clay County now available; mandatory January 19

OCT 24, 2016 | Notice

Electronic filing is now available in more than 40 civil and criminal case types in the Clay Circuit & Superior Courts. On Thursday, January 19, e-filing will be mandatory in these courts for all subsequent filings by attorneys. E-filing is expected to be statewide by the end of 2018.

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