Earth Day

As a result of a desire to provide school age children an understanding of natural resource stewardship, the Division of Reclamation has annually sponsored an Earth Day Celebration since 1995. Each year, the fifth grade from a region school has traveled to a pre-1977 abandoned coal mine that has either been reclaimed or is in the process of being reclaimed. Land restoration conducted by the Division of Reclamation’s Abandoned Mined Lands Program is highlighted.

The Division of Reclamation and Earth Day partners show the children the importance of mining along with the wise management of our natural resources. Conducted with care and proper planning, it is possible for both to be achieved successfully. Over the years, the day-long program has included presentations on cultural and historic resources, tree planting, aquatic education, watershed protection, mammals and birds of Indiana, recycling, and water quality.

Events such as this are part of the Division of Reclamation’s ongoing education initiative. The Division believes this is a wonderful opportunity for local children to obtain hands-on experience with the environmental restoration of their community. If a school or local organization would like more information, contact Ms. Colleen Baughman, DOR Education Coordinator, at 1-800-772-6463 or (812) 665-2207.