Guidance Documents


(SEA) 179 Effective July 1, 2014

See Egg Board website for additional information
(note: SEA 179 affects some definitions and exemptions pertaining to HEA 1309)

Home-Based Vendors (Section 29 Vendor)

Non-Profit Exemption - Understanding Senate Enrolled Act (SEA) 190

Date Marking

Response to Vehicles Improperly Transporting Food Products

Health Departments: Contact the IN Food Protection Division for SF 54818 Indiana Food Transportation Inspection (317-234-8569).

Farmers' Markets

Value Added Foods

  • See Farmer's Markets/ Value Added Foods

 Sale of Poultry and Rabbits

"Micro Markets"


(HEA) 1311 Alcoholic Beverage Service Effective July 1, 2015