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 Enterovirus D-68 In the School Setting

The 2014 outbreak of EV-D68 appears to be associated with an increase in the level of respiratory illness among people in general and more severe disease in some people, particularly children with asthma. For more information please visit the Indiana State Department of Health EV-D68 webpage.

Printable Asthma Medication Poster

This printable Asthma Medication Poster  was originally developed by the Minnesota Department of Health. These posters were designed as a tool for providers, school health personnel, and for use in clinics, to assist patients in proper identification of their inhaled asthma medication. Posters contain the a photo, generic and brand name, delivery of dose, and manufactures' name for all inhaled medication commonly prescribed in the US.

Asthma Emergency Care Plan 2014-15 School Year

The key component to asthma management is maintaining an individualized Asthma Action Plan for each student with asthma. Indiana Public Schools do not require the use of a specific plan. Numerous print, electronic and computer-based interactive plans are provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to assist school nurses in choosing the best plan for use in their schools.


Winning with Asthma: Coach's Clipboard

"Winning with Asthma" is a program designed to educate sports coaches about the effects of asthma on athletes.

Indoor Air Quality Rule

410 IAC 33 To establish an indoor air quality (IAQ) inspection, evaluation, and parent and employee notification program to assist Schools and State Agencies in improving indoor air quality and establish best practices and necessary minimum standards for IAQ, IAC 33 regulates items that affect the IAQ, specifies when the department willinspect for IAQ, and establishes requirements for parent and/or employee notification of IAQevaluation findings.

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