District Operations Manual

District Operations Manual: Table of Contents
This manual is a living document and will change accordingly based on revisions to the State law. If you choose to print this manual, make sure you check back periodically to assure you have the most up-to-date information.

Chapter 1:  Introduction to Indiana Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs)


Sec. 1 Purpose of SWCDs
Sec. 2 History of Indiana’s SWCDs
Sec. 3 SWCD Structure
Sec. 4 SWCD Powers and Authorities
Sec. 5 Funding for SWCDs
Sec. 6 SWCDs Relationship with the State Soil Conservation Board (SSCB)
Sec. 7 SWCDs Relationship with the Division of Soil Conservation (DSC) – Indiana State Department of Agriculture (ISDA)


Chapter 2:  SWCD Supervisor Duties and Responsibilities


Sec. 1 General Overview
Sec. 2 Supervisor Responsibilities
Sec. 3 Working with Government Officials
Sec. 4 Staff Relations
Sec. 5 Managing Public Funds
Sec. 6 Committees
Sec. 7 Compensation
Sec. 8 Officer Responsibilities
Sec. 9 Tools to Assist Districts
Sec. 10 Policy Development
Sec. 11 Landfill Reviews


Chapter 3:  Supervisor Requirements for Election and Appointment


Sec. 1 Introduction
Sec. 2 Legal Requirements for Elected Supervisor Position
Sec. 3 Nomination, Election and Reporting Procedures for Electing Supervisor(s) at the Annual Meeting
Sec. 4 Legal Requirements for Appointed Supervisor Position
Sec. 5 Procedure for Appointment of Supervisor
Sec. 6 Procedure for Filling an Unexpired Term of an Elected Supervisor
Sec. 7 Procedure for Filling an Unexpired Term of an Appointed Supervisor
Sec. 8 Oath of Office Required Before Entering Position of Supervisor
Sec. 9 Guidance on Dual Office Holding Limitation


Chapter 4:  Supervisor Recruitment


Sec. 1 Identifying Recruitment Needs
Sec. 2 Supervisor Diversity
Sec. 3 Developing Supervisor Recruitment Strategies
Sec. 4 Associate Supervisors and Other Volunteers
Sec. 5 Available Supervisor Recruitment Materials 


Chapter 5:  Funding Sources for SWCDs


Sec. 1 County Funds
Sec. 2 State Funds
Sec. 3 Federal Funds
Sec. 4 Grants
Sec. 5 Receiving Donations and Sponsorships
Sec. 6 District Sales and Equipment Rentals
Sec. 7 Sale of District-Owned Property and Equipment
Sec. 8 Documenting SWCD Funding Needs


Chapter 6:  Receiving, Managing and Disbursing Funds


Sec. 1 General Information Regarding the Management of Funds Received by SWCDs
Sec. 2 Deposit and Investment of Funds
Sec. 3 Appropriate Expenditure of Funds
Sec. 4 Financial Recordkeeping
Sec. 5 State Approved Financial / Claim Forms
Sec. 6 Sales Tax on Purchases / Sales
Sec. 7 Financial Records Retention
Sec. 8 Financial Records Audits


Chapter 7:  Office Operations and Staff Requirements


Sec. 1 Office Management
Sec. 2 Filing System
Sec. 3 General Records Retention
Sec. 4 Staff Meetings
Sec. 5 Dealing with the General Public
Sec. 6 SWCD Policy Manual
Sec. 7 Timeline of Required Responsibilities


Chapter 8:  Staff Employment


Sec. 1 Employment by SWCDs
Sec. 2 Staff Positions
Sec. 3 County Policy Handbook
Sec. 4 Hiring
Sec. 5 Employee Benefits
Sec. 6 Employee Orientation and Training
Sec. 7 Employee Evaluation
Sec. 8 Exit Interview


Chapter 9:  Legal and Liability Issues


Sec. 1 Tort Law
Sec. 2 Insurance Issues
Sec. 3 Equipment Leasing
Sec. 4 Reporting, Retention and Disposal of Records
Sec. 5 Open Door Law
Sec. 6 Nepotism
Sec. 7 Dual Office Holdings
Sec. 8 Conflict of Interest
Sec. 9 Non-discrimination
Sec. 10 ADA Guidelines
Sec. 11 Workplace Sexual and Other Harassment
Sec. 12 Ethics
Sec. 13 EEO Policies
Sec. 14 Charity Gaming Activities


Chapter 10:  SWCD Meetings


Sec. 1 Conducting the Meeting
Sec. 2 Legal Issues
Sec. 3 Open Door Law Requirements
Sec. 4 Parliamentary Procedure
Sec. 5 Sample Monthly Meeting Topics


Chapter 11:  Annual Meetings


Sec. 1 General Planning Process
Sec. 2 Annual Report
Sec. 3 Procedure for Conducting an Election


Chapter 12:  Developing Short and Long Range Plans for Your SWCD


Sec. 1 Benefits of Planning
Sec. 2 “Locally-Led” Prioritization of Resource Needs
Sec. 3 Business Plan ( Long Range Plan)
Sec. 4 Developing an Annual Action Plan from Your Business Plan
Sec. 5 Utilizing Annual Action Plans to Develop Monthly Strategic Meeting Agendas


Chapter 13:  Marketing and Public Relations


Sec. 1 Marketing Your SWCD
Sec. 2 Leveraging Spreadsheet


Chapter 14:  Key Partners to Accomplish Your Programs


Sec. 1 Indiana Conservation Partnership (ICP)
Sec. 2 Other Key Partners
Sec. 3 Other Potential Partners


Chapter 15:  Contests and Special Awards


Sec. 1 Conservation Farmer of the Year
Sec. 2 Master Farmer of the Year
Sec. 3 River Friendly Farmer
Sec. 4 Envirothon





Landfill Erosion and Sedimentation Review


Sales Tax Information Bulletin #9

SWCD Annual Financial Report Form with Gateway Annual Report Transfer Option

SWCD Receipts and Disbursements Journal

Form ST-17, Accounts Payable Voucher

Form ST-101, Mileage Claim

Form ST-103, Indiana Sales and Use Tax Return

Form ST-105, Indiana General Sales Tax Exemption Certificate

Form ST-352, General Receipt

Form ST-362, Report of Collections

Form ST-364, Accounts Payable Voucher Register

Form ST-369, General Fixed Asset Account Group

Form ST- 53788, Vendor Information (Direct Deposit and W-9)