Resources for Property Owners

  • Property Owner Duties:
    After a law enforcement agency seizes a drug lab, it removes the bulk chemicals and drug making equipment from the site, residual contamination often remains because the hazardous chemicals that are used when manufacturing these drugs can contaminate the property. Property owners may choose to decontaminate, remove all potentially contaminated material, or demolish the contaminated property. Owners are responsible for all decontamination, cleanup, or demolition costs. Owners may wish to check with their insurance carrier to see if it will cover some or all of the costs. Owners may either decontaminate the property under the supervision of a qualified inspector or use a qualified inspector.

  • Safety Tips for Property Owners: Indiana State Police Brochure
  • Indiana State Police Database of Clandestine Lab Addresses: (
  • Qualified Inspectors will:
    1. Do an initial assessment of the property, which may include testing, to determine the level of contamination and what cleanup procedures need to be done.
    2. Work with the owner to determine the best and most cost effective way to clean the property.
    3. Clean the property or supervise the cleanup to ensure it meets Indiana’s approved cleanup level for controlled substances of 0.5µg/100cm2.
    4. Properly dispose of all waste from the cleanup or demolition.
    5. Test the property when the cleanup is complete to confirm it meets Indiana’s cleanup level, and, if the final decontamination level has been met, issue the owner a Certificate of Decontamination that certifies the cleanup or demolition was done properly.
    Note: Qualified inspectors will not certify work they did not do themselves or have agreed for the property owner to do under their supervision. Only a person listed on IDEM’s Qualified Inspector List can issue a Certificate of Decontamination under 318 IAC 1-5-9.
  • Qualified Inspectors List for Illegal Drug Labs
  • Qualified Inspectors Certification:
    1. Accumulation of at least 40 hours of experience.
    2. Training for supervisors from the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
    3. Received training from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management on decontamination and inspection of contaminated properties.
    4. Passed with a score of at least 80% on an examination on the Indiana Department of Environmental Management training.
    5. Take an 8 hour biennial refresher training
    6. Maintain professional liability insurance; errors and omissions insurance; and pollution prevention insurance.
  • Indiana Administrative Code - 318 IAC