Individual Certifications

General Information

Levels of Indiana EMS Certification & Education Requirements
Application for Certification

Information on Indiana Certification and Training Standards can be found in IAC 836 Article 4

If your Indiana certification has been expired for more than 4 months or you were unable to complete your continuing education prior to expiration.   
Recertification based on previous certification application
Note: you are only eligible to challenge the written and practical testing one time.

If you completed your in-service prior to expiration, and it has been less than 120 days since expiration, you can submit your continuing education/ renewal form and $50.00 reapplication fee. Only check, money order, or certain credit cards are accepted (no cash). For credit card payment use this form  Credit Card Form . Submit in person or by certified mail.


Emergency Medical Responder Applications & Information

       Emergency Medical Responder Renewal Application/Continuing Education Report
        EMR Examination Report Form (Skills Sheets)
    Reciprocity: Application
Note: No initial application for Indiana training, your course Report of Training (ROT)
serves as the application

EMT Applications & Information

        EMT Renewal Application/Continuing Education Report
    Reciprocity Application
        Reciprocity Indiana Curriculum Information
            Reciprocity General Info, Curriculum, Geriatrics, IV maintenance, & SIDS
            Reciprocity SIDS (continued) & Haz-Mat
            Reciprocity Haz Mat (continued) Skills sheets
            Basic EMT Curriculum Changes
            Practical Skills Examination Report Form (Skills Sheets)
Note: No initial application for Indiana training, your course Report of Training (ROT)
serves as the application

EMT Basic-Advanced Applications & Information

        EMT Basic-Advanced Continuing Education Report

Paramedic Applications & Information

        Initial Paramedic Certification Application
        Paramedic Renewal/Continuing Education Report
    Reciprocity Application
        Reciprocity Indiana Curriculum Information
            All the information listed in the above EMT Reciprocity Information plus:
            Paramedic Curriculum Changes    


Primary Instructor Applications & Information

    Primary Instructor Renewal/Continuing Education Report



    EVOC Renewal/Continuing Education Report

Green light Permit Applications & Information

    Application (initial and renewal)